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One step at a time!

The list of yummy foods I had to eat yesterday were all starchy, sweet, or buttery.   I only ate when I was hungry though so it was a great day!! I am only going to try to change one thing at a time.  Right now my focus is on only eating when I am actually hungry.  I think if I can accomplish this on a regular basis then I am going to vastly improve my health. Next, I will work on making sure all my meals are healthy….well maybe not all..lets just say MOST of my meals will be healthier.  Baby steps! Baby steps!  I want this getting healthy thing to stick so I am going to take it as slow as I need to in order to have lasting results!

Now, I don’t mean that I am just going to eat junk food every time I am hungry!  I am just not going to stress out or feel guilty about days like yesterday.  Yesterday was a great day and today is even better!