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The King and I

I painting this pair of loving lions right after a lovely time of worship.  It took me about 5 days to complete with an average of 2ish hours a day.

This was the first step in my work - sketching out my idea! Those two black bumps at the bottom of the picture are my knees 😀 This is the biggest painting I have ever done!

Got my first layer of paint on - mostly I was just trying to figure out where the light and shadows would be

Got the background done and now it is time for the fun part!! Actually making my Lions look like Lions ❤

Now don't be deceived the process from the previous picture to this one was not that quick - this is the final outcome of several hours of painting and repainting these two lovies. The only thing I am not happy with is her paws - they took me forever and I still dont like them! If anyone wants to buy a print of this painting I will be sure to crop them out!! This painting is now hanging behind my couch. ❤

P.S. I am serious about if anyone wants to buy a print of this – Send me a message!


The Studio

So as I mentioned in a previous post I have my very first apartment!  It is cute and just the right size for me and a couple toddlers to hang out. (Already thinking as if I have a fosterling:) There are two bedrooms and they are just the right size! Not too big and not too little.  There is also a small little area just off the livingroom that I think is supposed to pass as a dinning room.  It is just big enough to hold a small breakfast table for two…maybe.

I don’t have a table right now so I have decided to convert that space into my painting studio untill I get one!  I have LOVED it.  I got a giant piece of plastic and laid it over the carpet then went to Lowe’s and picked up a really big piece of painters canvas and threw that down on top of the plastic.  Carpet officially protected!  The walls are another story.  I am diffidently going to have to paint the walls in there before I move out.  I have only had my studio set up for a week and there are already specs of paint splattered on the wall from one of my paint flicking.  Here is a picture of what my studio never looks like (clean) –

Usually I like to have all my paint and brushes spread out on the floor around me so I can see everything and grab it when I need it. Don't know why I felt the need to straighten up before taking this picture =P I will be sure to get a picture of what it actually looks like later. 😉

My friend Lambchop gave me a great idea to buy and hang some curtains to close off that little room for me to worship in with out distractions.  Plus it also gives the added bonus of if company comes over I don’t have to straighten up whatever craziness is going on in my little sanctuary, I can just close the curtain!  I picked a deep, almost shimmery royal purple.  I can’t wait to have my sweet dad over to hang the curtain rod for me!  I am going to have to patch up the walls before I move out too but that is a year away and I totally think it is worth it!!

I love this little space I have made for myself to just be free and express myself.  I make sure to let E.v.e. enjoy the worship room as much as she would like as well.  She got her very first pack of tiny, little canvas boards a couple of weeks ago and made short work of them.  She is currently fascinated with what happens when you mix two colors together.  She will lay down a layer of yellow, for example, and then pour red on it and ask 100 times, “If I mix yellow and red what will happen?! Look momma! What will happen when I mix them together?  What color am I making?”  hehehe she knows the answer already but I think she just likes finding ways to engage me in what she is doing.

She uses pretty much anything she wants to paint with.  Fingers, paint brush, paper towel, her arms…..I tend to draw the line when it comes to letting her paint with her toes but that is only because I don’t want precious purple feet to run off the canvas and track paint on the carpet!  I keep meaning to take a pic of her before she hops in the tub but keep forgetting.  Last night would have been perfect.  She was covered in swirls of every color in the rainbow up to her elbows and apparently at some point she wiped her face because she had a beautiful green streak right across her cheek and forehead.  She even managed to get paint on her tummy!  Usually I have an over sized old t-shirt she wears to paint in but it was wet so last night she got to paint in just her undies.  Lucky >.< hehehehe just kidding! I am very content to get paint on all my clothes.

Matter of fact I think last night I officially got paint on my very last pair of unpainted pants! Sadly it was a weird color of green paint that glooped down right onto my lap >.< nothing like looking like you have baby poop on your lap!  Luckily it was a pair of pants I don’t particularly like so I think they have become my “painting pants”.

I am a pretty messy painter.   I usually have paint up to my elbows and if I am wearing shorts it will end up on my legs too.  I went to a fancy christmas party last weekend in a formal dress and half way through the party realized I had blue and green paint streaks all over the back of my forearm! Lampchop once let me walk around with a streak of bright blue paint on my cheek because she “thought it looked kinda cute!” ahahahah!

When it comes to painting my theory is - if you don't get it on your feet you might not be doing it right!

Basking in His Love

I painted this picture trying to express a whole tangle of emotions built up inside me.  Longing for the Love of the Lord, feeling tentative and unsure of myself but knowing that His light and love is shinning down on me.  With the first post I made about this picture it was just her, no light, and it felt like she was longing for something that was not being fulfilled.  I still loved the painting that way very much but I couldn’t leave her longing forever with no hope of love.  Now that the light has come into her picture she looks like she is basking in the tender, sweet love of the Lord.  Longing fulfilled.

E.v.e.’s Kite

Kite in a field of tall grass

I painted this for my sweet E.v.e. – she loved it 😀 She asked for yellow flowers to be added.  ❤ Man, I love that girl!! This painting was done on the back of a Special K cereal box – the cardboard is a bit thinner than other brands so it curled up a lot on the corners.  I am thinking that if I press it between two heavy books it should flatten out though.

Friend Trees x3

Lambchop painted the background - I etched out the tree and moon ❤ All of these friend trees were painted on the back of cereal boxes 😀

Same here - Lambchop background, me the tree

This one I did all on my own....it did not turn out as nice as the ones we did together. I guess that is what makes friend trees special - can't do them with out your painting buddy!