From the Mouth of Babes

E.v.e. : I love you Momma (hugs my leg)

Me: How do you know you love me? (I keep washing the dishes)

E.v.e.: Because I kiss you, silly!

(We both laugh)

Me: What if you couldn’t kiss me?  Would you still know you love me? (look down at her sweet angel face)

E.v.e.: NO MORE KISSES?! That would be sad. (most adorable pouting face ever)

Me: Yes, it would be sad, how would you know you loved me if you could never kiss me again?

(Long Pause)

E.v.e.: I know I love you cause I misses you when you’re gone.

*warm fuzzies*


My sleeping little angel


A Series of Unfortunate Events

Monday – not sure which but one of the girls nearly locked us out of the house.  I proceeded to give them both a big lecture on not locking the door. If the little button is up and down “|” it is locked, if it is side to side “–” it is unlocked – DO NOT turn the button up and down “|” it should ALWAYS stay side to side “–“.

Wednesday – Got locked out of the house, phone was left inside.  E.v.e. admitted to touching the doors button so she got a spank

Thursday – LOCKED OUT AGAIN!!! and again without my phone.  I was so incredibly upset I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs.  I was just about to go find a bottom to spank(probably E.v.e.s) when I just happened to glance in and notice the button looked like this “–“……..seriously?  Despite the fact that every single lock I have ever seen in my entire life would be unlocked if it were in this “–” position, this lock is locked. Turns out I had actually taught the girls to LOCK the door thinking I was teaching them to UNlock it.  Sigh.  I didn’t even bother asking who was responsible.

Random Memory Alert!

description from English Wikipedia: "gall...


– For some reason I just had a flood of memories wash over me from when E.v.e. was first born – the most vivid of them was me standing in my moms kitchen holding a 3 day old E.v.e. in one arm as she nursed while chugging an entire gallon of organic whole milk with my other hand and feeling like I could drink 3 more gallons and still want more….. o.o wow …I think I would puke if I tried to do that now….I must have really needed some calcium!!

Ahahaha, I just remembered that my mom walked in and teased me saying, “Needed a refill, huh?”

So Resourceful!

Look what I found!

“Hmmm….How am I going to carry all these acrons around? OH LOOK! A bowl with a nifty handle on the bottom!  It’s an acorn collector AND a walking stick! YAY!!”   -E.v.e.

I am pretty sure it was clean…..>.<