The Assignment

I have been given a very fun assignment to accomplish over the next few weeks.  I am very excited to get out there and start accomplishing it and then coming back here to share with …. well with myself and whoever else might read this =P

The Assignment – Survey 100 random people, collect their answers, analyze the data and write a report on it.

The Survey –

  1.  Do you believe in heaven and hell? (y/n)                                                                           
  2. If you do  – what is the number of sins you think you are allowed to commit before you are no longer able to go to heaven? #_____                                                                                                                           
  3. How many ‘good deeds’ do you think you have to do to make up for one sin that you commit? #______

I am hoping this will give me a taste of what the people of Columbia believe in.   All those people that walk by me every day at the store and drive past me on the way to work….how many of them actually know the truth and how many have no idea.  How many don’t know and don’t care.  I know 100 isn’t all the people in Columbia but I think that it is a start.  It is enough that I will be able to see some sort of trend.   I am excited to see what I discover!