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Mommy Fail >.<

My sweet little E.v.e. just had her 3rd birthday a few weeks ago and, even though we have always incorparated learning into her daily activities, we recently started having “class” on a daily basis.  She is so bright and excited about school that I had all these wonderful images in my head of what our class time would be like.  Lots of praise and excitment and having her quickly grasp concepts we have talked about her whole life.

Yeah, not at all how it really is.  Some days it is all I can do to keep from  screaming in frustration!! She refuses to sit still, wont answer when I KNOW she knows the answer, guesses and randomly shouts out answers when she has no clue what the right answer is, hates worksheets, complains of being tired, hungry, thirsty, gotta pee, anything to keep from having to actually pay attention.

Now, I understand that she is only three and I try very hard to not put too high of an expectation on her but when we are reviewing things she already knows she behaves the same way!  The only way I can get her to answer a question is if I let her do it while shouting or standing on her head!!

I don’t think it would make me so frustrated if I wasn’t also homeschooling ‘Lovie’.  Lovie isn’t mine (she is one of the children that I nanny) and she isn’t even 3 yet and is the perfect student!  She sits still in her chair, answers quickly and usually is right, LOVES worksheets and clearly wants to do school work – basically all the things I had thought E.v.e. would do.

I didn’t mean to compair but it is hard not to!  Well, yesterday my little E.v.e. watched Lovie as she zipped through her ABC song and finished 4 worksheets in the time it took E.v.e. to struggle through her ABC’s just one time.  I made sure to stay possitive and encouraging with her but I could tell she was feeling defeated.  Then on the way home from work I could see her sad little face in the rearview mirrior.

Sad face

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Me – “What’s the matter E.v.e.? Why do you look sad?”

E.v.e. – “You think I’m stupid…” 😦

Me – *shocked heart broken silence*

E.v.e. – “It makes me sad I’m stupid”

Me – “Baby I don’t think you are stupid! You’re very smart! Why would you say that???”

E.v.e. – “Because I can’t learn my ABC’s like Lovie”

And there it is.  My child called me out on my failure and for the rest of the drive home I did everything I could to let her know how smart she was.  We sang songs she knew, counted our fingers, recited bible verses she knew – anything I could think of to let her see she knew a LOT and was smart.

Today we are trying a new approach to homeschool.  I sent E.v.e. to take a nap after lunch and did school with Lovie one on one.  Later today when Lovie goes down for her nap I will do school with E.v.e. one on one.  Hopefully this will prevent me and E.v.e. from compairing the two girls and will work a little better.

Maybe the one on one attention is what she is needing and having to share momma with Lovie during school time is just too much……