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A Sad Day

A guy from my High School class committed suicide this week. By all accounts he seemed like a happy, funny guy and since the announcement of his death dozens of people have left comments on his Facebook page telling him how loved he is and what a great guy he is and how missed he will be – I can’t help but wonder if someone had taken the time to let him know all those things before he killed himself… maybe he wouldn’t have?His moms last post before he died said “Hope you are feeling better today” If you see someone looking a little blue or down in the dumps this week please stop and take the time to let them know you care, you never know – that could be the one thing that keeps them from making choices like this 😦

Love, please please be with this family this week. With his sister and parents and cousins and all his friends that didn’t see this coming.  Help them through their pain and anger and bring them to a place of peace.  Love please use this tragedy to prevent another or lead someone on a search to find you.