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Basking in His Love

I painted this picture trying to express a whole tangle of emotions built up inside me.  Longing for the Love of the Lord, feeling tentative and unsure of myself but knowing that His light and love is shinning down on me.  With the first post I made about this picture it was just her, no light, and it felt like she was longing for something that was not being fulfilled.  I still loved the painting that way very much but I couldn’t leave her longing forever with no hope of love.  Now that the light has come into her picture she looks like she is basking in the tender, sweet love of the Lord.  Longing fulfilled.


E.v.e.’s Kite

Kite in a field of tall grass

I painted this for my sweet E.v.e. – she loved it 😀 She asked for yellow flowers to be added.  ❤ Man, I love that girl!! This painting was done on the back of a Special K cereal box – the cardboard is a bit thinner than other brands so it curled up a lot on the corners.  I am thinking that if I press it between two heavy books it should flatten out though.