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Day One – Homework

I am going to list the questions first for those of you that are wanting to follow along but don’t have the time/means to print the work book out on your own.  Then I will list my answers as an example or something for you to think about as you come up with your own answers for those of you that don’t have the time to sit down and write them out on your own.

  1. Write out in your own words how seeing your role as a minister changes your perspective as a parent.
  2. How does being a minister affect you as a father and mother (if married) when it comes to how to handle the raising of your children?
  3. What are God’s purposes for parents? (hint – there were 4 mentioned in my notes)
  4. Make a list of non-glorifying behaviors that God is revealing in you through the trials and/or difficulties in raising your children. Example: impatience, resentfulness, etc.
  • If married, discuss these things as a couple, then together take them to the Lord.  Ask for His forgiveness and for the ability to take responsibility every time these things are manifested through you.   Ask for the faith to trust His way in bringing about your transformation.  REMEMBER: there is no growth or transformation taking place if you do not ask for forgiveness…every time.

Worksheet found at: www.parentingministry.org


My answers:

  1. I already knew that being a godly parent was a ministry/responsibility given by the Lord. It was, however, very encouraging to hear my beliefs being confirmed by not only someone wiser and more experienced than myself but also to be able to see it in the Bible as well.  My new verse of the week – Genesis 18:19 -(God speaking about Abraham) “For I have known him, in order that he may command his children and his household after him, that they keep the way of the Lord, to do righteousness and justice, that the Lord may bring to Abraham what He has spoken to him.”
  2. Being aware that the Lord is holding me accountable for my actions towards raising my daughter puts more importance to my daily choices, it motivates me to do my work well so that when the Lord looks at what I have done He will be pleased with not only me but my daughter as well.
  3. Our transformation, God’s glorification, to love our children and to train our children.
  4. YIKES! Here comes some honesty folks! Putting selfish expectations on others, poor anger management (stuff, stuff, stuff – EXPLODE!!), lack of self-discipline.


Love, thank You for helping me find this bible study and giving me the means to share it with others.  Thank You for the work You are going to do in me through this study.  I pray for any one that takes this ten-day challenge – I pray that You would help them to remember the things they learn in Your word and be able to apply it in their lives.  I pray a special blessing over them and their families, that You would pour out Your love and Holy Spirit on them and give them the strength to allow transformation to take place in their hearts and homes.  I lift this list of mine up to You and ask for Your forgiveness.  Please help me to recognize and take responsibility every time I allow these things to be present in my life and in my relationship with my daughter.  I especially ask that You help me to put realistic expectations on my daughter and not my selfish ones.  Help me to have patience with her and to remember that she is, in fact, only 3.  Help me to trust You and allow You to transform me.




10 Day Challenge – Day 1

OK – Just watched my first video for this challenge and I can tell this is going to be great!! I am so excited to get started on my homework tonight.

Here is a link for the first sessions video:


I encourage you to take a look and come up with some notes of your own!  Don’t forget to download the free work book so you can follow along!

My notes for the video are as follows –

Who taught me to be a parent? – In most cases we take the good, bad and ugly experiences from our past to formulate our ideas of parenting based on our personalities.  We think – well as long as I try to do better than my parents my kids will at least turn out as good as me.

Less than 11% of christians believe that the bible teaches on how to be a parent and raising children

We can’t just let each day slip by flying by the seat of our pants hoping everything turns out ok.  We have to lean on the Lord and look to His word to help shape our children.  This is such an important task – we can not leave it up to chance.

Often our selfish expectations get in the way of us being able to be good stewards of our children.  We want them to act or behave in a certain way and react out of anger towards them when they don’t, often times over issues that do not upset the Lord.   (I have been very guilty of this just recently) >.<

A minister according to webster is: One who acts under the order of another (the Lord) or who is employed by another (the parents I work for) to execute his purposes.

Who are we executing purposes over? the children! All parents and child care providers are ministers!

What is God’s purpose for me as a minister to my child(ren)? 1. my transformation 2. Gods glorification 3. to love my child(ren) 4. to train my child(ren)

God uses our kids to transform us and perfect us!  He uses their trials and struggles to draw out of us the things that he wants to change in us allowing us to be a better image of him.

when we are not grounded in the Lord and leaning on HIm we are prone to react out of anger, frustration and out of the flesh towards our children rather than in a way that would glorify the Lord

We are supposed to be an example of God to them at home and in public.

Why did Moses not get to enter the promised land?  Because as minister to millions of people he allowed himself to react out of his emotions, anger, and flesh rather than how the Lord asked him to.  God was not angry with the people for whining he was willing to give them the water from the rock but by the time Moses made it to the rock he had allowed himself to become angry with his flock of children and misrepresented the Lord to them.  – Moses put his selfish expectations on the people rather than letting God do the work in them.

God mentions “fatherless” children 41 times and “widows” 74 times – His heart is upon single parent families!

The word widow used in the old testament does not only mean a woman whose husband has died it simply means – a woman who is lacking a husband – in this since I would be considered a widow…..I can think of a bunch of wonderful old testament scriptures I am now included in ❤




Join Me on My Ten Day Challenge!

I believe very strongly that being a good parent to E.v.e. (and any future children) is my first and possibly most important mission that I will ever have from the Lord.  It is an amazing responsibility to raise up our children in the way they should go and instill in their little hearts and minds the important truths, skills and lessons that will shape them into the Godly men and women the Lord has called them to be.

I challenge all of my friends and family – whether you have children now or plan to have them in the future – to join me over the next ten days as I walk through a study on what it means to consider Parenting a Ministry.   You can either download the FREE work book here: http://www.parentingministry.org/component/content/article/14-main-menu/150-parenting-is-a-ministry-video or just follow along as I post my notes each day.  I think you would get the most out of it if you did the work yourself however. 😉  Each day consists of about a 30 minute video also found at the link above as well as some scripture reading, questions and note taking.

I am excited to start my journey towards being a better minister to my child and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the study as well!! It would make my day to know who all was joining in this challenge.  Please leave a comment either here or on facebook letting me know you are with me on this 10 day journey!  Also, please feel free to post comments under my following posts on the subject telling me things that you agree/disagree with or things that you found particularly helpful! 🙂