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Random Memory Alert!

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– For some reason I just had a flood of memories wash over me from when E.v.e. was first born – the most vivid of them was me standing in my moms kitchen holding a 3 day old E.v.e. in one arm as she nursed while chugging an entire gallon of organic whole milk with my other hand and feeling like I could drink 3 more gallons and still want more….. o.o wow …I think I would puke if I tried to do that now….I must have really needed some calcium!!

Ahahaha, I just remembered that my mom walked in and teased me saying, “Needed a refill, huh?”


So Resourceful!

Look what I found!

“Hmmm….How am I going to carry all these acrons around? OH LOOK! A bowl with a nifty handle on the bottom!  It’s an acorn collector AND a walking stick! YAY!!”   -E.v.e.

I am pretty sure it was clean…..>.<