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Day 4 Sneaky Pasta :(

Usually I wait until the following day to write about how my weight loss plan is going but today was a bummer and couldn’t wait.  Due to a series of unfortunate events I ended up away from work with all the kiddos and none of my prepared “safe” foods to eat at lunch time.  I hadn’t had anything but an apple and an egg for breakfast and by 1pm I knew that if I didn’t eat something quick I was going to have a really hard time not eating one of the kids.  My E.v.e. in particular was looky mighty tastey and she had been the one causing the most ruckus so I figured if I gobbled her up not only would I not feel like I was starving there would be a lot less pestering going on in the back of the van.

All the poor kids were hungry too and since any place with a drive through is totally off-limits I ended up stopping at Publix to try and find something.  I got the kiddos their yummy lunches and found a little section of the pre-made sandwich cooler that had all these different salads in it.  I picked a chickpea salad and read the ingredients carefully – nope nothing in it I couldn’t have! YAY! I love chickpeas so I was feeling pretty good about this.  However, the package looked a little tampered with, one of the corners had been peeled up a little bit so I put that one back and grabbed the one behind it.

Once back at the house I passed out everyone’s lunch and started tarring into mine.  I noticed that the “peas” were a bit smaller than I had expected and that the lid looked a little different than I had remembered but I didn’t even give it another thought until suddenly a headache hit me right between the eyes.  “wait a second…..this isn’t right!” I totally panicked.   I grabbed the lid to the salad and scanned the ingredients and right there in black in white it said “wheat” 😥 it wasn’t chick peas.  I had grabbed a different salad than the one I had originally picked.  This salad was made out of little pearls of pasta.  I wanted to cry.  Writing this now I still want to cry.

I still have the headache but I have decided not to let that little slip up steal the rest of my good eating day.  I am going to have a delicious veggie bake when I get home.  zucchini, yellow squash, egg-plant all sliced up and sautéed in garlic and tomato sauce with onion and all kinds of delicious spices.

I have had to battle against feeling really guilty.  Why didn’t I pay attention? Did I subconsciously known and just choose to mess up? How could I let myself make a mistake like that after coming so far?  And if I was going to accidentally eat something I’m not supposed to why couldn’t it have been something super delicious like chocolate? 😉  I know it wasn’t on purpose and all is not lost.  unfortunately it looks like I have just gained back some of the withdrawal symptoms. This too shall pass.