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The King and I

I painting this pair of loving lions right after a lovely time of worship.  It took me about 5 days to complete with an average of 2ish hours a day.

This was the first step in my work - sketching out my idea! Those two black bumps at the bottom of the picture are my knees 😀 This is the biggest painting I have ever done!

Got my first layer of paint on - mostly I was just trying to figure out where the light and shadows would be

Got the background done and now it is time for the fun part!! Actually making my Lions look like Lions ❤

Now don't be deceived the process from the previous picture to this one was not that quick - this is the final outcome of several hours of painting and repainting these two lovies. The only thing I am not happy with is her paws - they took me forever and I still dont like them! If anyone wants to buy a print of this painting I will be sure to crop them out!! This painting is now hanging behind my couch. ❤

P.S. I am serious about if anyone wants to buy a print of this – Send me a message!