No internet! >.<

My lack of internet at home has diffidently put a damper on my blogging abilities. >.< I miss you WordPress!! There have been many a night spent laying awake in bed thinking of exactly what I would be typing if only I had access to the internet. 

I have been caught in this weird limbo place where I have plenty of things that I want to write down and contemplate but I don’t want to start a new journal and I have no way of writing it on my page.  Sadly, many of the startling discoveries I have made about myself and the Lord and my child and everything between has been lost in a haze of life.  In order to gain anything from what I am learning I usually HAVE to write it down in some way and then refer back to what I have written over and over to ponder and tweek my thinking untill I have reached a place of knowing. 

Some day soon I will make enough money to have internet or I will finally break down and buy another journal.  Either way until that happens I am praying God gives me the ability to retain some of this stuff He is teaching me! It is really good and I don’t want to miss out on these life changing opportunities.


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