Day 9 On a Roll!

Today is day 9 of being addiction free! I can’t believe I have made it over a week with no carbs, milk, or sugar!! So proud of myself.  I deserve to be healthy and feel fabulous 😀  All of the pain and withdrawl symptoms have passed and now it is just a matter of not giving in to the desire to taste something sweet and full of flour.

I got a chance to weigh myself on day 6 and was very shocked by what the scale said.  I usually only weigh myself the “right” way (in the morning after I got potty before I shower or eat and naked as a blue jay) in order to give me the lowest weight of the day.  On day six though it was right after I had eaten dinner and I had just drank about 4 cups of water.  I was a little nervous to step on the scale!! I thought to myself as long as I don’t weigh more than when I started I think I will be ok.

Dun DUn DUN~ Even taking my weight the “wrong” way it still said I had lost 11 POUNDS!!  I couldn’t believe it.  After getting off the scale and going about my day I kept thinking, “All I did was stop eating sugar and carbs and I lost 11 pounds in less than a week?! Please someone remind me why I want to ever eat sugar and carbs!!”

I think once I am getting to a better health limit and it is obvious my addiction is re-broken I am going only allow myself sugar one day a week.  Like only saturdays or something and other than that I am going to keep staying away from it all the rest of the week.  I am also going to try to stay away from baked goods all but one day too and just eat little portions of whole wheat pasta and oatmeal and such.

I am excited to see myself in a few months when I have lost all this weight.  ❤


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