Day 3 of….Recovery?

Yesterday was so packed full of good things I don’t think my body had a chance to miss the foods it has been craving.  I had a tiny head ache when I first woke up but it was quickly gone and I didn’t have another symptom all day long!!  Like I said it was a day packed full of good news and exciting developments in my life (got my own place for the first time!!) so it might have been due to having tons of endorphins and adrenalin already going on in my body that kept it at bay but heres hoping that today is just as good as yesterday.

If it is then Thank you God! Because the last time I went through this the withdrawals lasted at least a full week.  After loading up his truck with some of my things my sweet dad took E.v.e. and I out to my favorite restaurant, Golden Coral, and even though I was sitting directly across from the chocolate fountain I was able to only eat the things on my safe list and avoided every temptation like a pro! I have been trying to get to that point for so long on my own and never made it more than a day.  I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am that I have someone to help me out this time around.  Dare I say I am in recovery?! Yay!

I don’t have a bathroom scale now that I am in my new place so I don’t know what I possibly lost but I know I felt really good waking up this morning.


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