Day 2 of Withdrawls Full of Victory!

Yesterday I woke up with a migraine.  It stayed with me all day untill I finally fell asleep at about midnight.  No fun.  Plus all the other symptoms were still with me and worse than day one. The nausea, dizziness, weakness, cloudy thoughts, anger, intense hunger pains – whole nine yards.  I felt like how I would imagine a hungry bear would feel right after waking up from hibernation.  I did have a lot of victories yesterday though.  😀  I did not eat a single thing I wasn’t supposed to – not even when I had to make my favorite spaghetti for the kids for lunch.  Not even one tiny noodle!!

When snack time came around the kids wanted potato chips (of course another favorite) and I decided that there is no sound in the entire world that I hate more than the sound of 4 children chomping away at chips.  It felt like every single open-mouthed chew was a hammer on my brain.  At one point I shouted “AHHHHHH!!! STOP CHEWING YOUR FOOD!!” All the kids looked at me like I had lost my mind and burst out laughing.  I laughed too but it didn’t feel very funny.

I experienced the weirdest sensation today that I do not remember enduring the last time I broke this addiction.  Every time I walked into the kitchen I broke out in a sweat and felt like I was over heating.  My hands would shake, my head pain would start throbbing, my stomach would clinch and my lips would do this weird pucker/twitch thing.  Even just walking in to get a glass of water!

When I got home my sweet Dad cooked me a chicken breast with balsamic vinaigrette and green beans so that I wouldn’t have to go in the kitchen.  ❤

I don’t think I would have been able to get through this day if it hadn’t been for the Lord’s strength and a dear friend on the other end of my phone.  It is so much easier to say no to a painful craving when you have someone else saying no with you.  And not just any one else but someone who is going through the same pain you are.  When she encouraged me I felt stronger.  When I was able to encourage her – that too made me feel stronger.  By speaking truth and motivation to her I was also speaking it to myself.  If I tell her not to have that piece of chocolate I better not give in and have a cookie.  Accountability.  That is the key.

I weighed myself the “right’ way – you know what I am talking about ladies: as soon as you wake up, after you go potty, before you take a shower and as naked as a newborn.  I was at an even 245.  Same weight I was the day I came home from the hospital after having E.v.e. – how ironic!  This morning I weighed myself the same way and guess what the lovely scale said!!! 242.5!!! I lost 2.5 lbs in just two days of not giving in.  I can do this!!!


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