Why I Love Empty Cereal Boxes

I absolutely love painting but up until recently I thought it was a hobby I just could not afford right now.  Paint is expensive but so is the canvas!  I would go out and buy a pack of paint and couple canvases as a special treat to myself if I had a painting or two in mind.  Then once those pictures were painted I would have a hard time justifying going out to by more canvas so soon.  My poor paints and I would mope around the house wanting to play together but knowing that dad would probably ground us for life if we started getting creative with the wall colors.

Then, a couple of weeks ago my friend Lambchop gave me the most brilliant idea!!! She takes old cereal boxes, cuts the front and back sides out and then paints on the inner brown part!!!  Sure you have a lovely rendition of tony the tiger on one side but no one can tell while they are admiring your landscape painting on the other side!!  I have painted more paintings and used more paint in the last month than I have in the last couple years!! It has been so wonderful to be set free from the restraints of finances!!  Now whenever I see an empty box of cereal or popcorn or anything really that comes in a non-coriagated cardboard (the smooth kind) I see another chance for paint and I to spend some time together. ❤ Yay!!

Ikea paint brush

paint - how I have missed you!

I have found myself glancing into friends recycle bins while at their house and I have no shame in snagging the empty cereal box from work after the kids finish it off for breakfast.  Matter of fact I have been making sure to only offer them the boxes of cereal that are the emptiest in hopes that I can claim my prize sooner!  So far I have found that Cheerio boxes are my favorite, especially the big family size box.  Their cardboard seems to be a little thicker so doesn’t get as rumpled up by the wet paint.  I really am not picky though except when it comes to the texture of the boxes.  I don’t want any of those bumpy cardboard boxes – they are awful to paint on – they have to be smooth but not to the point of being glossy or the paint wont stick.

I find it incredibly sad when I go to rescue a cereal box canvas from the bin only to discover that either someone has carelessly ripped it (don’t you realize what you just waisted?!?!) or it has gotten some mysterious goop rubbed off on it.  >.<    There is no shortage of supply however and I have been able to keep myself very busy painting whatever should pop into to my head at that moment which is a whole new freedom I had not previously experienced.  ‘You mean I can paint whatever I feel like on this canvas and if it doesn’t work out it is no big deal I can just throw it away?!’ How freeing is that!?! Ahhhhh.  I am one happy, paint flecked lady.


8 thoughts on “Why I Love Empty Cereal Boxes

  1. I love this! Try look for other simple items to paint on, I would be interested in seeing how they would look.

    • I am thinking about trying out some paintings on styrophoam take out boxes next cause I (unfurtunatly) have those in my fridge a lot. 😉 I think it might provide a chance for some really cool textures by first pressing grooves into it before painting. Then next I want to take a liter coke bottle and do a painting on that and put a string of white christmas lights in it to make a cool lamp. I will have to put a clear coat of varnish over the paint to keep it from chipping though. 😀 I will post pics when I give it a shot

      • Thank you for responding! I would love to see the Styrofoam and the bottle. I do know, depending on what paint you use, Styrofoam will slowly ‘burn’ away from the chemicals in paint so be careful.

  2. Yup, I love painting with you! I love you period. This blog made my heart smile. Thank GOD i know someone as special as you!

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