As before I will type up the questions for todays homework first and then under that put in my answers.  The free work book that I pulled all this from can be found at :

  1.  Today in the video we reviewed Deuteronomy 6:1-6 and Luke 6:46-49. In your own words, briefly summarize what these verses mean.
  2. What are the ingredients of a strong foundation?(hint – there are 3 mentioned in the video)
  3. Review the Scriptures that discuss why suffering is part of our journey as a parent: 1 Peter 4:16, 1 Corinthians 10:13, Psalm 127:1, and 2 Peter 1:1-4. Write out your prayer to the Lord and ask Him to help you to accept His plan in these difficult times. Also write out your commitment to look to Him daily for the grace to love and serve your children according to His will.



1. Deuteronomy 6:1-6 talks about how we are to not only obey the words of the Lord but to also teach them to our children and that when we listen to the Lord and pass on what he tells us to our young ones He will be faithful to bless us.

Luke 6:46-49 tells us that in order for us to have a strong foundation that will withstand the trials of this life we need to come to the Lord, listen to Him and obey the things He tells us to do.  If we don’t do those things we will never have a foundation strong enough to hold us up when the storms of life come against us.

2. Come to Him – accepting Jesus as our savior, Hear His sayings – abide in a relationship with Him and obey Him – apply His word in our lives

3. Lord, Thank You so much that Your mercies are new every morning!!  There are so many mistakes that I have made in my short time as a mother and I am so grateful that You are willing to not give up on me and to continue to perfect the work You have started in me.  Thank You that Your word is all-sufficient and has an answer for every problem that we face.  I am very aware of my lack when it comes to being a good parent.  There is still so much that I need to learn and so much inside of me that needs to be changed or fixed.  I pray that You would help me to continue to recognize when I am lacking and when I do things that dishonor You or are not edifying to my daughter or others.  Help me to become the mother and woman of God that you have called me to be.  I know that I can not make these changes in myself but that You can as long as I am willing to trust You.  Thank you for the trials that You have given me and for giving me a daughter that is a perfect match to what you want to change and develop in me.





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