Day One – Homework

I am going to list the questions first for those of you that are wanting to follow along but don’t have the time/means to print the work book out on your own.  Then I will list my answers as an example or something for you to think about as you come up with your own answers for those of you that don’t have the time to sit down and write them out on your own.

  1. Write out in your own words how seeing your role as a minister changes your perspective as a parent.
  2. How does being a minister affect you as a father and mother (if married) when it comes to how to handle the raising of your children?
  3. What are God’s purposes for parents? (hint – there were 4 mentioned in my notes)
  4. Make a list of non-glorifying behaviors that God is revealing in you through the trials and/or difficulties in raising your children. Example: impatience, resentfulness, etc.
  • If married, discuss these things as a couple, then together take them to the Lord.  Ask for His forgiveness and for the ability to take responsibility every time these things are manifested through you.   Ask for the faith to trust His way in bringing about your transformation.  REMEMBER: there is no growth or transformation taking place if you do not ask for forgiveness…every time.

Worksheet found at:


My answers:

  1. I already knew that being a godly parent was a ministry/responsibility given by the Lord. It was, however, very encouraging to hear my beliefs being confirmed by not only someone wiser and more experienced than myself but also to be able to see it in the Bible as well.  My new verse of the week – Genesis 18:19 -(God speaking about Abraham) “For I have known him, in order that he may command his children and his household after him, that they keep the way of the Lord, to do righteousness and justice, that the Lord may bring to Abraham what He has spoken to him.”
  2. Being aware that the Lord is holding me accountable for my actions towards raising my daughter puts more importance to my daily choices, it motivates me to do my work well so that when the Lord looks at what I have done He will be pleased with not only me but my daughter as well.
  3. Our transformation, God’s glorification, to love our children and to train our children.
  4. YIKES! Here comes some honesty folks! Putting selfish expectations on others, poor anger management (stuff, stuff, stuff – EXPLODE!!), lack of self-discipline.


Love, thank You for helping me find this bible study and giving me the means to share it with others.  Thank You for the work You are going to do in me through this study.  I pray for any one that takes this ten-day challenge – I pray that You would help them to remember the things they learn in Your word and be able to apply it in their lives.  I pray a special blessing over them and their families, that You would pour out Your love and Holy Spirit on them and give them the strength to allow transformation to take place in their hearts and homes.  I lift this list of mine up to You and ask for Your forgiveness.  Please help me to recognize and take responsibility every time I allow these things to be present in my life and in my relationship with my daughter.  I especially ask that You help me to put realistic expectations on my daughter and not my selfish ones.  Help me to have patience with her and to remember that she is, in fact, only 3.  Help me to trust You and allow You to transform me.





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