Day 2 – Video & Notes

OK so todays video was a bit longer than I realized but it was still very good!  totally worth the extra time I had to take to watch it.  Here is the Link!!

My notes are as follows – (some wont make sense if you didn’t watch the video)

  • God looks at our individual child just as much as His entire church.  My child is uniquely special to the Lord.
  • Just like my child is special to the Lord, so am I!  I need to make sure that I am spending time with Him every day.
  • In Deut. 6 God reveals how important it is for us to maintain that relationship – it was life or death for the Israelites!
  • We must choose to have an intimate relationship with the lord – DAILY! (Duet 6:5)
  • We need to obey Him and abide in Him (Duet 6:6)
  • Most christians don’t realize there is more to our relationship with God than just going to church on sunday and praying from time to time.
  • What is a foundation? What does it look like? There are 3 ingredients –
    •  1. accepting Jesus as our savior “come to me”
    •  2. abiding in Him – relationship “hear my sayings” (can’t hear him if we don’t spend time with Him!) and
    •  3. obey – apply His word in our lives “do them”
  • What is my “relationship grade?”
    • Have I been saved? Yes
    • How is my prayer life? (read Phil 4:6) – I would call my prayer life “growing”
    • Do I spend time daily reading the word of God? (read mark 4:34, 2 Tim 2:15) – off and on 😦 I try but something always seems to get in the way
    • Do I give tithes regularly and according to Gods word? (Prov 3:9-10) YES!
    • What are my priorities? Are they Godly? (1 Cor 14:40, 1 Tim 3:1-13) Currently my priorities are skewed =/ they tend to go – child, work, responsibilities, worries then try to squeeze God in 😦
    • Do I practice Godly principles in my home? (Gal 5:22-23) I try very hard
  • I need to remember that God is my Daddy and I am allowed to get excited about spending time with Him
  • God is excited about spending time with me!!!
  • Ignore the distractions and do what I was created to do – spend time with God! Everything else stems from that relationship and can only be as fulfilling and strong as my relationship with the Lord is.
  • If there is anything that has a higher priority that God – I am the one who will suffer and so will my child
  • Most christians focus on the third ingredient – obey – without realizing that it is the “abiding” aspect that gives us the strength to obey – when we try to obey without a relationship with the one we are trying to obey chances are we are going to fail.
  • Rebellion = Doing things my own way, or prioritizing what is most important to us and not to God.
  • How rebellious am I?
    • Are my first thoughts of the day focused on Him? No- I am usually thinking about and dreading all the things I have to get done in the next 12 hours or all the things that I am lacking
    • Do I daily acknowledge how much I need Him? Yes – I am very aware of my weakness and lack of discipline – doesn’t mean that I am smart enough to go to Him for help daily! >.< Even knowing how frail I am I still feel like I have to do things on my own in order to please Him.
    • Do I put God first and maintain relationship with him?  Honestly – no 😦
  • God knows the trials we will have to go through in our lives when we face a new struggle we can immediately go to Him for direction – He already knows the solution!
  • He uses those trials to transform us but we will only be transformed if we are willing to look to Him to find out how we should respond to those trials and ask for forgiveness for the times we fail.  We have to be willing to admit we are wrong and not strong enough to obey without His help!  If we don’t do this we will stay stuck repeating the same kinds of trials over and over as the Lord tries to get through to us.
  • Jesus sent His disciples out onto the water when He knew that a storm was coming – God sends us into storms too! Then Jesus walked on what they feared the most – the water they did not want to drown in!  By doing that He was showing them that he was more powerful than what they feared!  God is stronger than our greatest fears too!
  • the journey of transformation will last until we die.  We should never stop growing
  • God will foil the best of plans if He is left out of them – He is more interested in the relationship than the plans
  • satan uses our responsibilities and worries to distract us from spending time with the One who can help us get through them all.

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