Worth the Wait!!

I have felt like a ship lost at sea for so long now!  I know where the Lord has called me in the long run but I haven’t known what to do with my time between now and then to prepare or which direction to head in to help me get there.   I know that one day I will be in a poverty-stricken area taking care of lost, abandoned, damaged children.  Loving them, healing them, giving them an education and most of all teaching them about Gods endless love for them.  What am I supposed to do for now though?  This has been at the top of my prayer list for the last 2 years.

Well, last week during the feast of tabernacles I think the Lord answered my prayers.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about the new, upcoming phase of my life.  I want so badly to just close my eyes – pray – open them and already be in my new ministry.  I can’t stop thinking about it and what it will be like to be helping those precious children.  In the midst all this excitement though I have to take a deep breath and rejoice in the amount of time and effort it is going to take to get my ministry started.

It feels like I am 9 months pregnant and just realized my due date is still a month away. Actually, it is even worse than that because I have several months of preparation ahead of me.  There is nothing I can do to make the “baby” get here sooner and even if I could I shouldn’t because it’s not yet time but, boy, do I wish I could!!  So what is this “baby” that I am so excited about??? I am going to be a single Foster Mom. 😀

WHAT?! I know – crazy, right?  I am so excited.   For the last few years I have been dreaming of the day that I get to sail away to that far off place and help those precious abandoned children and now I am looking at being able to do something extremely similar here!  It totally fits and is rooted solidly in my “knower” – this is what I am supposed to do next.

The timing is so perfect.  It turns out that I need letters of recommendation from people who have known me for 3 years….I just passed the three-year mark of living here and knowing my local friends!  God is so Good!!  Aside from the letters of recommendation there are a lot of other things I have to do before I start caring for my first fosters.

The first thing I need to do is figure out what I am going to do for work after April.  I need to make enough money to rent at least a two bedroom home or apartment but in my current field of work.  This means I have to find a family of 3 or less children willing to pay me upwards of $300/week.  Totally doable I just have to find the right family God has for me.   Once I have the job and the place to live I still have a lot more to do.

I have to attend 14 hours of training, get a health and background check for both E.v.e. and I (yes, they are going to make sure my 3-year-old doesn’t have a criminal record…>.<) fill out the application, have a house study done to make sure the place I picked is suitable and be interviewed.

I am not worried about being unable to do any of those steps.  I know I am going to be able to do them because this is what the Lord has for our family.  That doesn’t mean that it will be quick and easy though!  I have to keep my eyes on the Lord and remember that the harder I work for this and the more effort I put into it the more amazing that first day is going to feel when I welcome the first of hopefully many children into my home and my heart.



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