First Trip to the Beach

Showing Papa her bucket of shells 🙂 she found TWO whole conch shells! I don't know if I have ever found any whole ones before!!

Turned out to be the perfect day at the beach. Cool breeze, gentle waves, clear skies and a warm 82* In this picture E.v.e. is telling me that she can hear the sound of the man singing and playing guitar at the near by restaurant.

I bought her a sand castle pail and shovel! She was so proud of it 🙂 Carried it around all day filling it with shells and sand. We did attempt to make a sand castle but the sand we used was too wet. Dad and S.Mom made a great one.

First steps alone in the ocean! She was very scared at first to go near the water but after I told her that God's love for her was as big as the ocean she warmed up quick! She still wasn't ready to go into the waves....until I told her that God's love washes over us just like those waves ❤ then she didn't want to leave ❤

The breeze felt wonderful and smelled just as good. I love the ocean ❤

Such a beautiful angel.

Look at the shell I found!!

E.v.e. and I searched for seashells by the sea-shore!

Dad had a little fun with the photo editor. 😀 Good Job Dad!!

My Beautiful Beach Baby

A little fun with the photo editor again 🙂

E.v.e. digging in the sand trying to find what ever creature is down there making little holes and squirting out water!

Yes, I buried my child in the sand up to her knees...she thought it was hilarious until the tide went out a little and the sand packed in - she got stuck...then it was REALLY hilarious to her because we had to dig her out!


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