Phew! It worked!!

Today was the third day that I tried my idea of separating Lovie and E.v.e. for school and it seems to be working amazingly!  The first day E.v.e. was upset that she had to take a nap so early in the day and fussed for most of what was ment to be her nap but the last couple days have been so wonderful. 

Lovie is able to go at the quick pace she enjoys most, cranking out completed worksheets like no bodies business! While E.v.e. is able to go nice and slow and take the time she needs to focus and get her wiggles out as she works through her lessons.

This was diffidently wisdom given by the Lord!! It has also solved another problem – when E.v.e. was taking a nap from 3 to 5 she was staying up untill well after midnight unable to get to sleep.  Now that she is taking her naps right after lunch she is sound asleep by 10 😀 I am hoping that as she gets used to taking earlier naps she will start going to be even sooner.


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